Tape Processing

Process your track through reel to reel for that beautiful warm tone.


This service is for putting your track through a studio studer. This is great for having a very unique, vintage and hifi sound for the music you create. After you order we will contact you in a few days with your track professionally processed with through a studio reel to reel. We are also happy to do full album releases just send us an email for a discounted price.



You have the option of two great reel to reel studers. With the Studer A80 (which is commonly used in professional studios) you will get the golden standard reel to reel sound.






With the Studer A820 will be able to feed thicker sized 1/2″ tape at a higher IPS speed which will give you a thicker and more ‘higher’ fi three-dimensional sound. Both are great options we know you would be happy with.





We work with mastering grade A/D and D/A convertors so you have a quality signal chain and end up with the highest quality files possible.

Maximum length of time for speedy service is 15 minutes. Contact us if you need more custom options at admin@reeltooreal.com